Already regarded as two of the most exciting producers in the Liquid scene, DJ Chap and Andrezz represent the next wave of highly acclaimed Brazilian producers. Following in the footsteps of pioneers like DJ Marky, S.P.Y and XRS, as solo artists DJ Chap and Andrezz have already given Liquid V the well-received Inna Streets and Resistance EPs. To celebrate the release of the Back EP, we interviewed DJ Chap & Andrezz to find out how they fit in the thriving Brazilian Drum and Bass scene, what drives them to make music and much more...
Youve already had several well-received releases on both Liquid V and V Recordings, but can you tell us how it all started? What got you into Drum and Bass?
DJ Chap: Hello guys, I'm DJ Chap, from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I started making Drum and Bass in 2004/05, when I met some friends who organised DnB parties. I started going to them and immediately wanted to be involved with them. It was love at first sight. Then I started DJing with them and produced my own tracks.
Andrezz: Hello everybody! I am Andrezz,  DJ and producer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. My first contact of Drum and Bass was through radios shows. I started playing in 2004 and haven’t stopped since. As for production, I started roughly in 2010 and still really enjoy it.
After releases like the Inna Streets EP and the Resistance EP, youve both proven yourselves to be very versatile as producers - but what would you describe your style as?
DJ Chap: I like more harmonic music, and “heavy” music at the same time. I like a bit of everything, from Amen and groove to dark and deep beats.
Andrezz: As a DJ, I like playing literally everything - not just Drum and Bass but Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop and House. But as a producer I love making deeper and atmospheric Drum and Bass.
What do you use when it comes to making your tracks? Whats your studio set up?
DJ Chap: On my Mac I use Logic Pro with a Focusrite Saffire 14 interface and Yamaha HS80 monitors. Also, I sometimes use Ableton Live 9, as it’s pretty good to edit samples.
Andrezz: In the studio I use Logic with M-Audio monitors and M-Audio interface.
Youre already making yourselves known both as solo artists and a production duo, but how did the latter come about?
DJ Chap & Andrezz:  We met through the Drum & Bass parties in Sao Paulo. I believe it was between 2004/05. Then we became friends when we realised we live 10 minutes away from each other!
Why do you think that working as a duo gives such good results for you both? Whats it like working together?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: It was very natural, because we are good friends. We have a great affinity together, and we also learn many things as a duo. Our partnership can be considered as a part of our artistic formation.
What do you each bring to the collaboration?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: We miss the old way of producing Drum and Bass. We are trying to rescue some things, and at the same time give a new face to the songs.
One of the tracks includes you two as well as L-Side and MC Fava. MC Fava is from Germany, which obviously presents a challenge. How did making the track work?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: After Fava's participation in the song ‘So High’ by L-Side on V Recordings, we had the idea of another collaboration with him, so we sent the song for him to write vocals over. His voice became an amazing complement to the music. so we are very happy with the results.
What’s it like with four people working on the same track?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: It's good and the same time it's crazy! We love working like that! But, in Brazil, Andrezz and I have never written a tune via the internet - we prefer to go to the studio.
How do you find your samples. Do you find them by accident or look for them?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: We usually look for many things, and we hear different things we like in Hip Hop, Reggae, Rock, Disco… We are DJ's, but sometimes it happens accidentally.
What do you think the Brazilian style of Drum and Bass is? Why is it so easy to identify?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: We love the Brazilian style, and it is easy to identify because it’s all authentic. The groove, the way it progresses, and even the melodies. We believe that the Brazilian Drum and Bass scene is a mirror of Brazil itself. It doesn’t just have to include samples of "Samba" or "Bossa" to sound truly Brazilian.
What makes Brazil such a hotbed for Drum and Bass talent?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: Brazilians love Drum and Bass, I think that love is what drives us. You can see it when the ravers are dancing at parties.
When are you next in the UK?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: We should be touching down in the UK, just after the Sun And Bass festival. We can’t wait to meet everyone and everything personally!
What is your main goal as producers?
DJ Chap & Andrezz: Make the people happy :)