Speaking with Disrupta

Hey Kieran, let’s start off with the most asked question in 2020… How have you found the pandemic? Has it effected your music in any way?

Personally it's been quite productive to have some time to stack up the tunes and branch out in my production, which was one of the reasons I started making more liquid style music. Obviously not being able to play events has been frustrating but I'm just finding other ways to keep occupied and do something that is going to be beneficial once we are out of all of this, whether that's working on some new music, having breaks, learning something new etc.


Can definately hear that with this new style. You seem to have come out of nowhere?! How long have you been producing for?

I've been producing music on and off since around 2015 but never really had an alias or stuck to a specific genre. In terms of drum & bass I started getting into djing at the start of university which was September 2018 and then wanted to apply my production knowledge to making drum & bass. I released my first tune as a free download in January 2019. I haven't been in the scene for long at all if you look at it that way!

Who would you say your main inspirations are?

There are so many different inspirations for some many different reasons but if i had to narrow it down I'd have to say Halogenix, Alix Perez and DJ Marky. They are all very versatile and create unique sounding tracks every time. 


Good choices! The ‘Deep Thoughts’ EP is a bit a contrast to your previous releases, are we going to see a shift in your overall style or are you just dipping your toes into as many sub-genres as possible?

I think there has been a slight shift in my overall style and the endless studio sessions during lockdown helped me discover what music I really like making and I definitely feel like Soulful/jazzy kind of tracks come about much more organically. Having said that though, I really like making heavier stuff which I have also been doing here and there and I'm sure as soon as clubs reopen I will be back on that wave more. I think it depends on the circumstances and what sort of inspiration you find at that time. With clubs shut, it has been hard to make really gritty tracks because there isn't much use for them to be honest haha

Well we're certainly not complaining. Something we’re starting to ask at the end of every interview now, what’s your favourite track from our back catalogue? We’ll let you pick from V Recordings, Chronic, Liquid V & Philly Blunt!

There is just so much to choose from and all ranging in different sub-genres. If i had to pick a favourite, the first one that comes to mind is 'Boosta & Atmos - All My Love'. No matter how many times I hear it or where I hear it, it always sets a nice vibe.

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