Level 2 is on a Rampage with this 6 track ep direct from Brazil.  Seemingly not content to stick to the traditional sound of liquid funk, instead the label has branched out its sound while ensuring that each track retains some semblance of similarity to that liquid vibe. 
"In my opinion this guy has got something special about him, what i love so much about these tracks is the simplicity of the tunes not to much fuss jus the basics, drum and bass". Bryan G

 "Time to do" and "No time" are proper bass line rollers a term over used a lot but trust me when u hear these tunes you will feel what im saying proper rollers.

 "Rampage"  is a stepper with a haunting vocal that sounds deep and dubby and very v.

"Conquest" has influences of early Marcus intalex,  with a moody intro and roll bassline its not till the second bass drops youll know its new school.

The ep is rounded off with two previous tracks from his last 12 on liquid v getting the vip treatment.

dj supprt: Marky, Dj Die, Bryan g, Ruffstuff, Jumping Jack Frost, Nu tone , Break ,Grooverider
radio support, radio 1, 1xtra & kiss 100

cat: lv021
label: liquid v
Artist: Level 2

Title:  Rampage ep

a: Time to do
b: conquest
c: rampage
d: no time
e: ghetto sounds v.i.p
f: days of rain v.i.p

Digital only