Comprising of Joe Moses and Emilio Dimitri, Need For Mirrors have quickly become known for their innovative, stripped back style of Drum and Bass. Drawing on their influences and reflecting them back, Need For Mirrors’ rich but simple signature sound has seem them release on prestigious labels including Metalheadz, Symmetry, Digital Soundboy, Dispatch, Shogun and V as well as their own Zoltar imprint. 

Now after the stunning Merk on Philly Blunt, the London based duo make the transition to V Recordings for the innovative Reset EP. Featuring the slick sounds of Reset, the infectious groove of Sea Slug as well as the atmospheric Sour Diesel feat Edward Oberon and rough Debris, the Reset EP represents another sophisticated release from Need for Mirrors and the V camp. 

1. Reset feat. Edward Oberon

2. Sea Slug (VIP)

3. Sour Diesel feat. Edward Oberon*

4 Debris*

*Digital Only

Release Date : 17.06.13