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PLVLGN007 - VINYL 2 tracks

12" Vinyl £12.99

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Mercury Prize winner Roni Size is one of the true pioneers of the Drum & Bass / Jungle scene, and one of only a handful of names to transcend the genre to become a real household name. The Roni Size & Reprazent debut studio album 'New Forms' went platinum a staggering five times, which shined a huge spotlight onto what was an underground scene healthily bubbling under the surface.

"'Cold Front' was one of the many dubpates that Roni produced when he was on fire in the mid 90's. 'Locked Down' became an early 2000s Movement Anthem when we were in Bar Rumba, it was sought after by every Jump Up DJ at the time... everybody was trying to sign it." Bryan Gee

Both cuts are a snapshot of Roni's signature sound, a must-have for any fans. The seventh part in this vinyl series, with yet more legends waiting in the wings. These are an absolute essential for vinyl collectors.

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